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To deliver results we implement proven methodologies in our programming within four components of fitness.

    We will coach you to master the fundamental movement patterns of squatting, deadlifting, pushing, pulling and carrying heavy loads. You will improve your movement capacities and fitness for daily life, work demands, and athletic pursuits. Strength training begins with mastering bodyweight movements. Next, we add load with barbells, kettlebells, sandbags, medicine balls, tires, sleds…etc. We mix up the tools to keep our workouts stimulating and fun, never losing sight of the purpose in our program design – to master the fundamental patterns, pain-free, injury free, and feeling great and having fun in our community referred to as “FunkFit”.

    Our weekly programs improve the efficiency of your heart and lungs to help you attain your best cardiovascular condition. We incorporate movements that we are inefficient at to increase your heart rate – jump ropes, bikes, rowing, running (optional) and even burpees : ).

    Mobility is simply flexibility plus strength. Every workout at FunkFit will improve your range of motion, lengthen muscles that are tight, and strengthen muscles that are weak. This isn’t just stretching or yoga, although those methods will be utilized. This is full-body movement training that will have you feeling better, moving better, and ultimately looking better!

    80-90% of general physical transformation goals can be achieved by adhering to our nutritional program. Our Funktional Fitness Nutrition Fundamentals eBook outlines our basic protocol for achieving optimal results. Our nutrition philosophy focuses on eating more “Traditional Foods” such as clean proteins, fresh fruits and vegetables, healthy fats, while reducing processed foods. We also provide a live support system for accountability and client individualization. We guarantee results with each healthy habit you instill.


Our core values drives our costumer experience and coaching techniques.


Provide everyone with great REULTS and EXCEPTIONAL customer service.


Knowing each other’s strengths and utilizing them. We work together, but most importantly, we play together.

7 B’S

Be creative, be determined, be humble, be inspiring, be passionate, be professional, be on time.


Displaying contagious enthusiasm throughout the day creates a positive vibe on everyone and the studio! Energy breeds energy.


Respect each other and approach each other in a civil manner if a situation occurs.


Communicate so that others will understand the exact message you are trying to convey.


Take responsibility for your attitudes and actions; use positive attitude to help others. Don't get ready, stay ready!


Encourage it, drive it, and embrace it enthusiastically. We must always plan for and be prepared for constant change.


Keep a positive, inviting, and pristine atmosphere.


Strive to be 1% better every day. Continuously improve yourself mentally, spiritually, and physically.


Two great friends that shared a common passion helping others, founded Funktional Fitness in October 2008. This passion continues to fuel a training studio that focuses on delivering results while providing world-class customer service.



In 2002, Luis Galindo, and Jeremy Jones, were hired on at 24 Hour Fitness within one week of each other. The two did not know each other before but their friendship flourished immediately when the company sent them to a week long training program. Little did the 2 know the impact this week would have on their future.

Over the next 6 years Luis and Jeremy mentored hundreds of clients and accumulated over 10,000 hours of training. Personal training in this big box environment provided each of them with numerous experiences helping their clients achieve their fitness goals, overcome injuries, eliminate medications, strengthen their bones, hearts, and lungs, as well as working with an array of different individuals both in the younger and older generations. All of these experiences, combined with the emotional and mental thoughts and feelings that are tied to working with others, provided a solid foundation to both of their training careers. Truly appreciative and grateful of all of their experiences and time at this gym, both Luis and Jeremy knew there was much more ahead of them in the fitness industry.

In early 2008 they began putting all of their ideas and plans on to paper and formed a business partnership that continues to grow stronger each and every day.

These ideas and due diligence led to Funktional Fitness being founded and doors open for business on October 4th, 2008 in downtown Gilbert.

The philosophy behind Funktional Fitness is fueled by the same passion that Luis and Jeremy share. Helping others achieve their fitness goals by providing the best customer service, education, and accountability are all part of what makes FunkFit unique, but the emphasis on customer service is what really makes their members’ experience one to remember.

The entire Team, from the First Impressions staff, to the Fitness Coaches, to the Cleaning Crew, to the Founders, do everything they can to make sure you feel welcomed every time you walk thru the doors and refreshed, both mentally and physically, every time you walk out the doors. Funktional Fitness is a community where “everybody knows your name” and you will develop great friendships amongst the staff and other members.

Luis and Jeremy are extremely grateful for the FunkFit Team and each and every one of its members and we all look forward to helping you live a healthier lifestyle!

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